Function of pressure reducer

1. The gas stored in the cylinder is depressurized through the pressure reducer to reach the required working pressure.

2. The high and low pressure gauges of the pressure reducer indicate the high pressure in the bottle and the working pressure after pressure reduction.

3. The pressure of the gas in the gas cylinder decreases with the gas consumption, while the gas welding and gas cutting require the gas working pressure to be relatively stable. The pressure reducer can ensure the stable gas working pressure output, so that the working pressure transmitted from the low-pressure chamber to the outside will not change with the change of the high-pressure gas pressure in the cylinder.

Classification of pressure reducers

1. According to the action of high pressure gas on the valve: positive acting type and negative acting type.

2. According to the times of decompression: single-stage type and double-stage type.

3. By gas: O2, C2H2, LPG, N2, air, AR, CO2, etc. 4、 Why does the pressure reducer have the phenomenon of gas self flow (i.e. pressure climb)? 1. There are small cracks, fractures, damaged ports and other defects on the nozzle sealing boss.

2. Solid debris falls into the pressure reducer.

3. The seat gasket is worn.

4. The force of return spring is weakened or damaged.

5、 Why should the oxygen pressure reducer and oxygen bottle be banned from oil? If it is stained with grease, when the valve of oxygen cylinder is opened, oxygen will spray out rapidly through the bottle mouth, high-speed air flow will generate heat by friction with grease, which will increase the temperature and accelerate the oxidation reaction. At the same time, grease will oxidize faster in pure oxygen environment with higher pressure, so the grease stained on the mouth of oxygen old hemisphere or pressure reducer will burn, even cause explosion.